Monday, August 24, 2015

August 29th - Minnesota Team Handball Men's and Women's Team Try-Out

Minnesota Team Handball is looking for male and female court/field players, goalies to be part of our Team Handball Men's and Women's club.

Minnesota Team Handball is holding a try out Saturday August 29th (12pm-3pm) at the YWCA/Minneapolis Sports Center in Midtown (2121 E Lake st Minneapolis). The try outs are open to everyone, male and female, who are looking to try out or play the game of a Team Handball.

So if your looking for a great new sport to try or for a great sports club to be a part of check us out.

Contact us if you're interested in taking part.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Minnesota Team Handball practice schedule and upcoming MN tournament!

Minnesota Team Handball practice are every Thursday, 8PM-10PM at the YWCA/MINNEAPOLIS SPORTS CENTER (2121 E Lake st Minneapolis, MN)

We welcome any and all who would like to join in on practice. MNTH is always looking for more athletes to join our club. Rather your looking to have fun recreationally or participate competitively with our team in tournaments we have a spot for you. 

We also have a Minneapolis Tournament April 25th-26th where the games will be played at the YWCA that we practice at. Air Force and Chicago will be joining us and we would love to see you there cheering us on! 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

MNTH entering 6th year as a team

It's crazy to think that only 6 years ago Minnesota Team Handball was practicing in a YMCA gym with nothing but a couple worn down Handballs, taped goals against the wall and a few passionate athletes wanting to grow the sport of Team Handball in Minnesota. 6 years later, 8x the players, 2 medals & 1 trophy and a growing club hungry for more tournaments and victories, Minnesota Team Handball is excited to see what the next 6 years has to offer. In-House League? Multiple traveling teams? Winning a National Championship? Anything is possible when you have a group of passionate athletes looking to grow the sport of Team Handball in Minnesota. 

Do you think you have what it takes to not only help the sport of Team Handball grow in Minnesota but help Minnesota Team Handball grow as a competitive team? Maybe you want to have fun and casually play, learn the sport of Team Handball? Either way, if you'd like to be a part of the team contact us at and we'd be happy to hear why you'd like to join. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

More Photos from the Tournament

This goal was brought to you by

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crime Scene Photos

This clash of the titans was much better than the movie.

Naughty, naughty; thou must not grab thy opponents shorts.
Just assume he scored, because he always does.
Yes, he is wearing a cast.

The goal crease can be a lonely place.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Curse of the Goat Brains

Chicago is a town that embraces superstition. There is something deeply suspected here, like the fact that a goat's curse or it's embodiment, some well-meaning kid in head phones, are actually to blame for their beloved Cubs' woes. I grew up here and know this city.

So it was in this spirit, having just defeated our arch nemesis, Chicago (albeit the lesser Chicago, but you have to start somewhere), we mocked and laughed, chiding one of our teammates for choosing for himself a shady Korean joint over Subway or even a somewhat more reliable pizza place that reeked of urinal cakes. And by shady I mean it was a place that didn't even bother to translate the menu, so certain were they no American fool (or, in this case, a German one) would step off the curb and stumble into the place.

Well, that fool was our own Stephan Storch. Apparently, he walked up to the counter, pointed a finger at some block of unintelligible shapes, and took a chance he might strike culinary gold. What he got looked like seven derivations of goat brains, some of which were so foul smelling we wouldn't let him eat it near us.

As teammates are want and apt to do, we teased and harangued, and told him he'd cursed us with his damned foulness, the gray puddles of brain. And then we took to the court against arguably the best team in the tournament, the 12-time national champion New York Athletic Club, and laid a stinker of a half to start the game, only scoring one goal. One stupid, lousy, pathetic goal. It was mortifying to look at that board at halftime, the curse so apparent in that single mark we managed to muster despite our best efforts to lay a big-fat-goose-egg.

The curse was fleeting, thankfully, and we fought goal-for-goal throughout the second half, scoring 13 despite the fact that we were undersized, undermanned, and overwhelmed by a team of current and former MNTers whose bench was as big as our team.

My hate of losing is legendary, and although I feel like putting a fist through a wall for our play, I am proud of my guys, who didn't give up, who didn't give in to what was a most public embarrassment. And this is what makes our game great. This is what makes handball special. It takes strength, speed, and wit, cunning and not a little subterfuge. It is a puzzle that requires you to overcome your own inadequacies and deficiencies in real time in order for you to win, or at least retain some semblance of self-esteem.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today is Handball Eve

There are only a select few days each year so impressive and important that they give meaning and title to the one that precedes it. Actually, I can think of only one other, and it too has something to do with a fat guy with a beard. With the opening games of the Michael Lipov Memorial Cup in Chicago, tomorrow is such a day, which makes today Handball Eve. I can barely contain my excitement right now. Tomorrow, I get to score goals and block shots. Tomorrow, I get to run, jump, and grapple. Tomorrow, I get to scrum with MNTers Jordan Fithian and Divine Jackson. Tomorrow, I get to war with our nemeses from Chicago. Tomorrow, I get to play the greatest sport in the world. Tomorrow, I get to set out in the middle of the night and drive from Minneapolis to Chicago. Well, not everything about tomorrow can be spectacular, just like not everything at Christmas can be wonderful, look no further than the drunk and distant relative lapping eggnog straight from the bowl (or is this a vague premonition of the handball social Saturday night?).

The first game of the tournament is at 1 PM (Chicago Standard Time). The hosts in black take on our guests from abroad. I have no idea what to expect from this team that calls itself Legion. They might be professionals, or they might be hacks. Judging from their top seeding, I would venture a guess in the direction of the former. In the second game, the hosts in yellow take on me and my boys from Minnesota. I have played and lost enough one goal games against Chicago to be on the referees "must watch" list. (Good thing they have short attention spans and will likely abandon the reading of this post somewhere in the middle of the first paragraph.) It will be a hard fought game, and one that both teams will play with fattened chips on their shoulders.

The rest of the games don't involve Minnesota or Chicago, so I couldn't care less. Actually, I am going to be back sometime tonight to talk about each of them in greater detail. As I type, I am parsing the rosters, divining acts both great and insignificant. I just have to get the clothes washed and the car packed and the kids polished for mom this weekend, because tomorrow we travel. Merry Handball Eve!